Sindh, Regional Conferences.

“Unveiling Sindh’s Cultural Legacy and Esports Excellence: K2Gamer Pakistan’s Grand Launch and Educational Empowerment”

K2Gamer Pakistan, in collaboration with our esteemed partner Gamer Pakistan Inc., is excited to announce the launch of our esports and general esports program in the vibrant province of Sindh! 

Sindh, with its rich history and culture, is not only a place where traditions thrive but also where esports take center stage.

• 27 universities with a student population of 86,400 million

• 343 colleges with 38,471 students

• A remarkable 3.65 million students thriving in Sindh.

Covering an area of 140,914 square kilometers, Sindh’s educational heritage is as diverse as its cultural tapestry. With 12,880 schools, 1,654 secondary schools, and 228 higher secondary schools, it fosters 350,281 secondary school students and 123,409 higher secondary school students!

Sindh is not just a province; it’s a testament to Pakistan’s history, with a heritage dating back centuries. Its vibrant culture, art, and music have left an indelible mark on the nation’s identity.

Our journey in Sindh starts with 3 exciting conferences, encompassing 30 diverse districts and 7 vibrant divisions, weaving together the rich tapestry of Sindh’s culture and esports. 

Together, we’ll pay homage to Sindh’s heritage, inspire the youth, and celebrate the spirit of competition. Stay tuned for exhilarating matches, unforgettable moments, and the rise of future esports champions!

Let’s create history in the heart of Sindh! 

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