K2 Gamer Pakistan

Welcome to K2GAMER Pakistan, a recognized entity registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Our fundamental mission is to escort in the palatinate of esports in Pakistan, and we approach this endeavor with unwavering passion and commitment.

Nurturing Talent: 

We collaborate with schools, colleges, universities, and both amateur and professional gaming enthusiasts, dedicating ourselves to cultivating the gaming potential within our youth.

 Exciting Tournaments:

 Our dedication extends to organizing exhilarating gaming events and tournaments, providing a platform for gamers to display their skills and fervor, regardless of their level of expertise.

Strategic Partnerships: 

In an effort to advance our vision, K2GAMER Pakistan has partnered with Elite Sports Pakistan ESP, entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with Inter University Cunsociam for the promotion of social sciences (IUCPSS) and 120 plus public and private sector Universities so far, and initiated collaborative efforts with Gamer Pakistan Inc. These strategic associations aim to commercialize university sports, as well as establish merchandise stores within the academic institutions.

Regional Conferences & Zones: 

Our influence extends across four zones: East, West, North, and South, each comprising four conferences, totaling 16 Regional Conferences. These conferences unite regional universities, fostering a unique sense of camaraderie and competition across Pakistan.

A Grand Vision: 

K2GAMER Pakistan’s aspirations are not limited to mere participation but extend to the commercialization of university, school, college, and professional level esports in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. Our goal is to replicate the successful university sports models, akin to the NCAA in the USA, by uniting universities for commercially viable esports tournaments and telecasting these events for entertainment and monetization.

The Rising Influence of Esports in Pakistan: 

Pakistan’s gaming community is on the upswing. With 36.8 million gamers in 2022, constituting 16% of the population, this number is projected to grow to 50.9 million gamers, making up 20.6% of the population by 2026. The video game industry is thriving, with an expected revenue of US$208.70 million in 2022, and a steady annual growth rate of 2.17% from 2022 to 2026, culminating in an estimated annual revenue of US$227.40 million by 2026. Notably, Pakistan’s gaming landscape primarily revolves around mobile gaming, with mobile games expected to generate US$171.30 million in 2022, surpassing online and downloadable games.

Our Legacy: 

K2GAMER Pakistan has already organized numerous university esports events, including the AZADI Cup Free Fire, Dota2 National Open Championship, India VS Pakistan Dota2, India VS Pakistan CSGO Championship, and more. Our friendly rivalry with India in the world of esports continues to captivate the gaming community, with both countries vying for supremacy.

Join us in this exciting journey as we revolutionize the esports landscape in Pakistan and beyond.

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