Gilgit Baltistan, Regional Conference

“Unlocking the Wonders of Gilgit Baltistan: Explore Esports, Culture, and Heritage at the North West Conference (NWC)”

Join the Regional Conference Celebrating Esports, Culture, and Heritage.

K2Gamer Pakistan, in collaboration with our dedicated partner, Gamer Pakistan Inc., is delighted to announce the Gilgit Baltistan Regional Conference. This event is a celebration of not only esports but also the rich heritage and culture of this stunning province. Discover Gilgit Baltistan’s remarkable statistics, its diverse history, and cultural treasures. From the ancient Silk Road trade routes to the awe-inspiring Karakoram Range, this region has been a crossroads of civilizations for centuries. Join us in promoting unity, diversity, and the incredible talent that thrives in this remarkable region. Stay tuned for exciting updates on this extraordinary conference.

• Conference name: North West Conference (NWC)

• Total Population: 2,000,000

• Universities: 2

• University Students: 9,500

• Colleges: 7

• College Students: 86,935

• Total Students in GB: 323,166

• Vast Area: 72,520 SQ.KM. 

• Educational Hubs: 2,762 Schools, 27 Higher Secondary Schools.

• Secondary School Students: 69,134

• Higher Secondary School Students: 16,259

• Diverse Districts: 14

• Vibrant Divisions: 3

• Educational Boards: 5

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