K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Group D

K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Group D 

You have the most recent update of Group D and believe me things are heating up here!

🏆Group D Standings


  1. Power of Zone – 70 points (1 booyah, 41 kills).


The guy that dominated the group in the metrics having the most kills and getting a Booyah.


  1. Punjabi Suad – 50 Points (28 Kills)


These two screenshots suggest that they have been playing consistently and therefore presently occupy the second rank due to the number of kills.


  1. Ruthless Hunters – 46 Points (1 Booyan, 26 Kills)


1 Booyah’s win has further improved their status as a team that strategizes well.


  1. X Legend – 45 Points (23 Kills)


 Competition with Ruthless Hunters – causally fixed by the number of kills.


  1. Predators- scored 35 points, including 1 Booyah and 15 Kills.


This is one of those Booyah that have helped their team get to where they are standing in the standings now.


  1. NLT Gangster’s–29 points (Kills-12)


 A rather decent game with an average of some deaths.


  1. Galacticos– 25 Points (14 Kills)


High killing rates but require more points to have rivalry ranks.


  1. Brand Army PK – 20 points (7 kills)


 The effort is regular but may lack the kind of kills exhibited by other top-performing teams.


  1. Kakaroto – 16 points including 5 kills


Currently at the bottom, all the same, any point can be considered in this rather volatile system.



The thing is that the leaderboard is always active and every single point matters. Who are you supporting today? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!🗣👇


As is tradition, more quarterly updates are coming soon, and make sure to check the latest news on our platforms!


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K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Group D


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