K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Group C result

This is the update on the K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship edition for 2024. This means we are witnessing fierce competition, especially in Group C which has promise to be very interesting.


🏆 Group C Standings


Red Demons: Red Demons are on top, having amassed sixty-six points, with one Booyah and forty-six kills to boot.


Game Changers: Right behind them are Game Changers with sixty-one points and thirty-nine kills, proving their efficiency in the game.


X Burners: X Burners took third place with fifty-eight points and one Booyah; therefore, proving that the team is a worthy contender.


Adi_Esports: Overall, Adi_Esports have thirty-eight points along with twenty-five kills.


Not Humans: Not Humans came second with thirty-one points and eighteen kills.


Team Bannu: To summarize, the score for Team Bannu is twenty-nine points and they have completed sixteen kills.


Gareeb Squad: Gareeb Squad currently possesses twenty-seven points, with fourteen kills within the matches.


Zindabad Plays: In Zindabad Plays, there are twenty-seven points in the total count, one Booyah, and fifteen kills respectively.


Brose_Wale: So far, Brose_Wale has twenty-six points, and attaining fourteen kills.


Valuable: Valuable has accumulated sixteen points and four kills in their match confrontations.


EXP_Laghariz: The total XP of the EXP_Laghariz instance is thirteen, which allows the character to obtain six kills.


Team Alive: Team Alive has accumulated six points, including two kills during their games.




Who do you think would be championing for the prize in this enthralling contest? Will Red Demons sustain their supremacy or will Game Changers and X Burners be able to overpower them? Feel free to share your opinions in the Comments section below!










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K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Group C result


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