K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Group B Standings

K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Group B Standings

The standings for the K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 Group B matches are finally released, and the battles are getting intense!


  1. Brutality: 


  • Brutality got 75 points to lead the pack and got a Booyah along with it,550 kills and they got 20 Survival Time (ST) points.


  1. The Rebels: 


  • Just slightly behind, The Rebels remain staking their claim with 62 points. With Booyah for their team and totaling 42 kills on the spot, they are constantly straining to get to that top part.


  1. Xtreme Chasers


  • With clear resolve, Xtreme Chasers are currently ranked third with a score of 44 points. To date, their Booyah and 24 kills have given them 20 ST points.


  1. Crazy Gang


  • The Crazy Gang has collected 37 points and holds the fourth place on the field, the team uses 16 kills and 21 ST points while playing.


  1. R7 Official: 


  • R7 Official, totaling 36 points In terms of killing, they have 13 and in terms of ST points, they have 23, which only goes to show that they are imposing themselves.


  1. Brand Army PK:


  • Despite facing continuous attacks from its opponents, Brand Army PK gathers 33 points, 15 kills, and 18 ST points.


  1. Power of Zone: 


  • the power of the zone is possessing 30 points which indicates the desire to possess a higher position along with 12 kills and 18 ST points.


  1. Savage Mafia:


  • Maxing out the FT, Savage Mafia continues to prove this game round, earning 27 points with a total of 14 kills and 13 ST points.


  1. Female Force: 


  • Creating an impact, Female Force has obtained 16 points with the kills of 8 and earning 8 ST points as well.


  1. Nalla Gang: 


  • Just behind him, Nalla Gang has scored 15 points: 10 kills + 5 ST Points.


  1. Over Power Full: 


  • Gearing themselves for the competition, Over Power Full now has a total of 10 points, 7 kills, and 3 ST points.


  1. Team Empire: 


At the moment Team Empire is at 0 points and they might turn it around in the following games.


It remains to be seen what you’ll bring to the table in the near future as things heat up! Join your favorite team as they contest for the title in the K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024!


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K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Group B Standings


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