Abdul Muqeet Amir | Our K2 Gamer Ambassador

🌟 Meet Our Dynamic Brand Ambassador! 🚀

Excited to introduce Abdul Muqeet Amir, the powerhouse brand ambassador for K2GAMER Super Mega Pakistan Universities Championship 2023-24! 🎮✨ Representing the University of Lahore with pride and gaming excellence.

🕹ī¸ In-Game Alias: 4V â€ĸ VERGIL, a name synonymous with skill and strategy.

🏆 Notable Achievements:

PMCO 2020 Finalist #17: Proving prowess on a national stage.
PMPL Fall 2021: Competing at the highest level.
Ramadan Cup S1 Top Fragger #2: A standout performance in the Ramadan Cup.
Smokey LAN Event Finalist #8: Showcasing skill in LAN events.
CODA Shop #5: A top contender in the CODA Shop tournament.
GameBird #8: Excelling as the 8th top performer in GameBird.
PMIL Finalist #4: Achieving a remarkable 4th position in PUBG Mobile International League.
Ramadan Cup 22 #3: Continuing the legacy with a strong 3rd position.
Akhada Cup Semi-Finalist: Navigating through challenges with resilience.
đŸ“Ŋī¸ Follow Abdul’s gaming journey on YouTube: VERGIL MVP.

📸 Join him on Instagram: OP_vergil.

🎮 Role: Entry Fragger + Filter

🚀 Join us in cheering for Abdul Muqeet Amir as he conquers the esports arena! 🏅đŸ”Ĩ #K2GAMER2023

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