DOTA 2 National Championship 2023

Dota 2 Open National Championship 2023


K2GAMER Pakistan Hosts Historic Dota 2 Open National Championship 2023:


  1. Historic Moment:

K2GAMER Pakistan proudly presents the first-ever Dota 2 Open National Championship 2023, a groundbreaking event in the world of Pakistani esports.

       2. The Best of the Best:

Top Dota 2 teams from across Pakistan battled it out in 37 intense matches, highlighting the incredible talent in the country.

      3. Commitment to Growth:

K2GAMER’s dedication to fostering the esports community in Pakistan is evident, as they lead the charge in promoting gaming in schools, colleges, universities, open and Professional level.


Lahore, PakistanOctober 26, 2023 – K2GAMER Pakistan, a leading name in the world of esports, has made history by hosting the first-ever Dota2 Open National Championship 2023. This extraordinary event, which grand final round began on October 14 and concluded on October 21, has set a new benchmark for esports in Pakistan.

In a unique tournament that showcased the immense talent in the country, K2GAMER brought together the top Dota2 teams from all 4 regions in Pakistan. With 37 electrifying matches of grand final round featuring the nation’s top 12 teams, the competition was fierce, and the stakes were high.

DOTA 2 National Championship 2023

A Triumph for Pakistani Esports

The Dota2 Open National Championship 2023 brought together teams from 16 different conferences, representing the diversity and talent in Pakistan’s esports landscape. Each conference had best top teams, selected from a preliminary round where around 50 teams in each conference battled fiercely. These teams from every conference were the chosen representatives in the grand finals among 4 zones.

This event is significant not only for the quality of competition it offered but also for the sheer scale. With approximately 15,000,000 people in every conference and over 40,000 Dota players across Pakistan, it’s clear that esports has a massive following in the country.

The 16 conferences of K2 Gamer include:

  1. South Western Conference
  2. South Eastern Conference
  3. Western Capitan Conference
  4. North East Conference
  5. Eastern Capital Conference
  6. Mid-West Conference
  7. Lahore West Conference
  8. Lahore East Conference
  9. Mid-East Conference
  10. Great South Conference
  11. Peshawar East Conference
  12. North West Conference
  13. Lahore South Conference
  14. Mid Southern Conference
  15. Big Southern Conference
  16. Peshawar Western Conference


Here are the 4 zones and the standout teams from each:


🔵 East Zone:

  • Team Miaw
  • Susie Squad
  • Recreational Hazard

🟢 West Zone:

  • Team Paradox
  • Real Mard Enjoyers
  • Team Potato

🟡 North Zone:

  • Celestial Gaming
  • Rakuzan
  • Oxysome Gaming

🔴 South Zone:

  • Team Bubbles
  • Team Disaster
  • Talah Hassan

These zones and teams made the Dota 2 Open National Championship 2023 an extraordinary showcase of Pakistan’s gaming talent.


Setting the Stage for Greatness

K2GAMER Pakistan’s commitment to esports shone through in the championship’s unique format. The 37 matches were divided into group matches and round 1 playoffs matches, keeping the competition unpredictable. The group matches and round 1 playoffs matches were played in a best-of-one format, adding an element of suspense. The rest of the matches in the playoffs followed a best-of-three format, demanding skill, strategy, and teamwork.

The key figures at K2GAMER played pivotal roles in orchestrating this grand event. K2GAMER CEO, Mr. Jamal Qureshi, meticulously supervised the event, ensuring everything ran smoothly. Mr. Abdullah Tariq and Mr. Ahmed Maoud were the creative minds behind the captivating designs and promos that built excitement around the championship. Miss Fatima and Miss Fatima crafted compelling content, press releases, and event descriptions that drew in audiences. Meanwhile, Mr. Hamid Raza and Mr. Umer Qureshi tirelessly spread the word on social media platforms, creating a buzz that reached every corner of Pakistan. Mr. Shahzada Shahab ensured that the event was organized flawlessly, while Mr. Zeeshan Khatak brought the championship to life for online viewers with his enthusiastic casting and streaming.

K2GAMER Pvt. Ltd. is a registered organization with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. They have been pioneers in promoting esports in schools, colleges, universities, and professional circles, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to nurturing the esports community in Pakistan through dedication and strategic partnerships.

A Vision for a Thriving Esports Ecosystem

Proudly affiliated with Gamer Pakistan Inc. and Elite Sports Pakistan, K2GAMER is on a mission to foster a thriving esports ecosystem in Pakistan. Their vision is to empower gamers, promote esports at all levels, and create a sustainable platform for gaming enthusiasts in the country.

The Dota 2 Open National Championship 2023, hosted by K2GAMER, was not just a tournament but a momentous event that will be etched in the annals of Pakistani esports history. With a fervent passion for gaming, K2GAMER has shown that Pakistan has the potential to be a formidable force in the international esports arena. As they continue to nurture talent and foster the esports community, the future of gaming in Pakistan looks brighter than ever.

A Win for All of Pakistan

This historic championship was not just a win for Team Meow Meow, who emerged as the victors in the Grand Final, but a resounding triumph for esports in Pakistan. It symbolizes the incredible talent and unwavering passion that Pakistani gamers bring to the global esports stage. It’s a testament to the potential and promise of Pakistan’s esports community and a proud moment for the entire nation.

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone in Pakistani esports, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to K2GAMER for their steadfast dedication to promoting and nurturing the gaming culture in the country. With the support of passionate individuals, organizations, and partners like, the gaming community in Pakistan is poised for an exciting and prosperous future. This victory belongs to every gamer, fan, and enthusiast who shares in the love of esports.


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