Meet Ammad Mubashir- Our Brand Ambassador

🌟 Meet Our Esteemed Brand Ambassador! 🚀🎮

We are thrilled to introduce Ammad Mubashir, the dynamic brand ambassador for the upcoming K2GAMER Super Mega Pakistan Universities Championship 2023-24! 🏆✨ Representing HITEC UNIVERSITY with pride as 4DK • MADDY from 4DK ESPORTS.

🏅 Notable Achievement of Ammad Mubashir

PMCC 22 Finalist: Proving prowess on the competitive stage.
📸 Follow Ammad on Instagram: maddy._.012.

🚀 Join us in celebrating Ammad Mubashir as he leads 4DK ESPORTS with passion and gaming excellence! 🔥🎮

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