PUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24: Quarter Final Round Set to Commenc

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Report Overview

The PUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24 has reached a thrilling juncture with the completion of the Group Stage Round. From a staggering pool of 128 Qualified Teams representing universities across Pakistan, a total of 64 teams have advanced to the Quarter Finals. This remarkable feat showcases the remarkable talent and dedication prevalent within Pakistan’s academic esports community.

Tournament Structure and Qualification Process

Before delving into the Quarter Finalists, it’s essential to acknowledge the rigorous qualification process these teams underwent. The journey to the Quarter Finals commenced with over 400 teams registering for a chance to compete. Through a meticulous combination of online and offline LAN events, the top-tier talent emerged, securing their spots in the tournament. Organized by K2Gamer Pakistan in collaboration with Gamer Pakistan Inc., this tournament has been a testament to the burgeoning growth of esports within Pakistan’s academic landscape.

Quarter Finalists Breakdown

The 64 Quarter Finalists are divided into four zones: East, West, South, and North, with each zone comprising teams from distinct conferences. Here’s a breakdown of the Quarter Finalists from each zone:

East Zone Quarter Finalists

The East Zone consists of teams from the Mid East Conference, Lahore West Conference, Lahore East Conference, and Lahore South Conference. Among these, 16 teams have qualified to compete in the Quarter Finals:

  • MeterShot x STAR from SZABIST, Islamabad
  • Rule Breakers x 4v from FOUNDATION UNIVERSITY
  • KHK ESPORTS from University of Lahore
  • H2e esports from University of Central Punjab
  • Team Oxygen (OXY) from Punjab University
  • Destroyer esport from Education
  • DOCTORS ESPORTS from University of Gujrat/Nawaz Sharif Medical College
  • 7BANDITS ESPORTS from Comsats University Islamabad Attock Campus
  • 4 VIRTUES from University of Lahore
  • CIDxBTX OFFICIAL’s from The University Of Faisalabad (TUF)
  • Terminator gladiator from Govt Graduate College Jauharabad
  • Team 8 sea from The University of Faisalabad
  • GO LOBBY from Faisalabad University
  • PbxSpetsnaz from Forman Christian College
  • ALT x Never Back from BAHRIA university Lahore campus

West Zone Quarter Finalists

The West Zone comprises teams from the MIDWEST Conference, Peshawar WEST Conference, Peshawar Eastern Conference, and South Western Conference. Here are the 16 qualified teams:

  • Seventh Element from SABS University
  • X-GENERATION from Quaid e Azam University
  • TEAM TUF from The Millennium Universal College
  • The Straightforward Esports from KIT Kahuta Rawalpindi
  • FMA ESPORTS from Sadiq Egerton College, Bahawalpur
  • ExecuteEsports from University of Balochistan
  • MERCILESS EMPIRE from University of Narowal
  • SORRY ESPORTS from IQra Uni
  • The Losers Club from M.R Higher Secondary, Azad Kashmir
  • Team Nightmare from IQRA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY
  • TOG esports from BUITEMS
  • TEAM ALLSTAR from University Of Gwadar
  • 7Sky from City University
  • Strangers Esports from University of Swabi

South Zone Quarter Finalists

The South Zone features teams from the SouthEastern Conference, BIG Southern Conference, GSC, and MID Southern Conference. Here are the 16 qualified teams:

  • Agonxi8 from Balochistan University
  • TEAM QWERTY from Shah Abdul Latif University
  • Guts n Glory from Punjab College
  • Hellraisers from Premier College
  • Crown esports from Khawaja Fareed University
  • STREET THUGS from The University of Faisalabad (TUF)
  • DEMON ESPORTS from Punjab College
  • PBxALIVE from Comsats University Islamabad
  • Rte ESPORT from University of Sahiwal
  • TBR ESPORTS from Cedar College
  • Vampyre Syndicate from Riphah International College Faisalabad
  • North Face Pakistan from Iqra University
  • GPA ESPORTS from Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT)
  • 4RM x PAIN from Bahria University Karachi Campus
  • Portal Esports from Iqra University

North Zone Quarter Finalists

The North Zone comprises teams from the EASTERN Capital Conference, North West Conference, Western Capital Conference, and the North Eastern Conference. Here are the 16 qualified teams:

  • 7x esports from Superior University Rwp Campus
  • Spins Hlv from University of Peshawar
  • Red Death from Comsats Wah Cantt
  • ALTERNATOR x4 VIKINGS from Pak Austria Fachhochschule
  • JANBAZ ESPORTS from National University Of Computer and Emerging Sciences
  • Road To Glory from Bahria University
  • Just Victory from Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST)
  • FTE from FURC
  • Team Chronicles from FAST NUCES PESHAWAR
  • PBxRIPPERS from University of Peshawar
  • Metershot eSports from Future World College
  • STAR RISING from The Crescent Science College
  • Team Slay Extreme from Comsats University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus
  • TEAM ELITE ESPORTS from Hira College (Kashmore)


As the Quarter Finals loom ahead, these formidable teams are poised to engage in fierce competition, showcasing their skills, strategy, and determination to emerge victorious. With a substantial cash prize pool of PKR 1 million at stake, the PUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24 promises to be an electrifying display of esports excellence. Stay tuned as the journey to crown the ultimate champion unfolds.

PUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24: Quarter Final Round Set to Commenc