PUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24: MID-West Conference Group I Qualifiers Unleash Epic Showdown! 🔥

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Date: 5th Jan 2024

In a thrilling display of skill and strategy, the PUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24 MID-West Conference Group I Qualifiers witnessed 18 teams from different universities engage in fierce competition. Only the top 4 teams would earn the coveted spots to advance to the next stage.

🥇 1st Place – Team Rage from ARTT Business School, Karachi, dominated the battlefield, securing an impressive 42 Victory Points! Their exceptional teamwork and tactical prowess set the bar high for the competition. 💪🌟

🥈 2nd Place – SORRY ESPORTS from Iqra University Karachi claimed the runner-up position with a commendable 32 points, showcasing their resilience and strategic acumen in the virtual battleground. 🎮🥷

🥉 3rd Place – 4RMxPain from Bahria University Karachi secured the 3rd position with 28 points, adding intensity and unpredictability to the competition. 🛡️🏹

🏅 4th Place – STAR RISING from The Crescent Science College, Karachi, earned the final qualifying spot with 21 points, displaying their determination and adaptability in the face of tough competition. 🎖️🔥

The participating teams represented a diverse range of universities, including Iqra University, Bahria University (Karachi and Lahore campuses), VERITAS, Fazaiya Inter College Malir Cantt Karachi, Falcon House School Karachi, DJ Sindh Govt College, Aleemiyah Islamic Institute and Arts College, University of Karachi, Govt Comprehensive Boys College Karachi, Iqra University, and Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan.

The PUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24 continues to deliver exceptional esports action, and the journey to crown the ultimate champions in MID-West Conference Group I is well underway. Stay tuned for more updates as the competition unfolds! 🏆💻 #K2GamerPakistan #PUBGMobile #UniversitiesShowdown #EsportsExcellence 🚀🔗

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