PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs Clash 2024: Semi-Finals Conclude, Finals Set to Begin


Gamer Pakistan Inc. and K2Gamer Pakistan with great pleasure announce the Finalists of the Semi-Final rounds of the PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs Clash 2024. After heated combat and exciting performances, it is time for the final determining match known as Grand Finals which will begin on May 28, 2024.


The PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs Clash 2024, one of the most awaited Esports events of the year began in a grand style and attracted 160 teams from different parts of Pakistan. These teams fought through the Qualifiers round where only 64 teams moved to the next stage, which was the quarter-finals. From there the competition heats up and the number was trimmed down to 32 qualified teams for the semi-final round.


In the semi-final matches, 16 qualified teams triumphed and reached the more exciting Finals. The Top 8 teams from each Group A & B qualified for Finals. All the participants exhibited high skill levels, tactical thinking, and fighting spirit during the competitions.


All these 16 teams will face each other in the Grand Finals to determine the ultimate winner to be awarded their share of a whopping Rs 10,000. The stakes are higher than ever as the teams prepare to engage in 5 epic matches, set to kick off at 8:00 PM.


”The PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs Clash 2024 has been a testimony of the passion and talent of the Pakistani gaming community. ” Said the CEO of K2Gamer Pakistan. “We are delighted with the spirit of competition and brotherhood demonstrated by all the teams we had in the competition, The grand finals promise to be icing on the cake of this memorable event.


In the countdown to the Grand Finals, everyone will and spectators should turn up to watch the great Final showdown of this tournament. Catch all the live updates as they will be uploaded on K2Gamer social media accounts.


The PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs Clash 2024 was a marvelous competition and for further details, you can visit


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