PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs 2024 | Qualifiers Round Completed

Group Stage Rounds Now Underway in Pakistan’s First Open Underdogs Esports Tournament

Karachi, Pakistan – May 17, 2024 –Gamer Pakistan Inc. and K2 Gamer Pakistan are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the qualifiers round for the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs Clash 2024. Since it is the first such big esports event of its kind in Pakistan, it has already set off a storm among the gaming community and boosted the aspiring players of the country to new heights.

Event Overview:

Organizers: Positioning into the market of youth strength, Gamer Pakistan Inc. and K2 Gamer Pakistan set toward the future.

Tournament: There would be the first-ever esports underdogs tournament for Pakistan.

Prize Pool: Rs. 10,000

Qualifiers Round Recap: 

The playing began by attracting a large number of teams that registered online and then held the final rounds of qualifiers, from the 8th to the 16th of May. In all, 16 zonal teams fought each other to emerge from 8 groups as the best, exhibiting their capabilities and zeal to progress. Each group had the 16 best teams their teams being the finalists and hence being the contestants of the next stage.

Advancing Teams:

  • Total Teams Advancing: 64 teams
  • Group Distribution: The best 16 teams from each group (Groups A to H) would automatically go through to the round of 16.

Group Stage Structure: 

The teams finally breathe a sigh of relief as the qualifiers round is finally over and the competition consequently intensifies because the group stage is among the most challenging. The 64 advancing teams have been divided into four geographic zones for the next phase:

  • Zone East: Groups A and B
  • Zone West: Groups C and D
  • Zone North: Groups E and F
  • Zone South: Groups G and H

These 64 Teams will clash in their respective zone in a bid to make it through to the next round whereas only the 16 teams that win are entitled to a fight for the big title and the Rs. 10,000 prize pool.

About the Tournament: 


The PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs Clash 2022 goes beyond a mere competition; it serves as a stage that honors and celebrates the underdog esports talent in Pakistan. The event seeks to bring up local players and immensely support them by giving them a chance to share the arena with the competitive gaming community.


Looking Ahead: 


The crowd is warming up as the time approaches the match. The group stages are in full swing. Through the keen competition and amazing moments, this tournament guarantees to deliver exciting matches and the best-ever display of Pakistani esports champions. Gamer Pakistan Inc and K2 Gamer Pakistan are aiming to create a healthy esports community with excitement and anticipation on how the teams will perform.


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