K2Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 Heats Up with 48 Teams Registered

Karachi, Pakistan – June 4, 2024 – The K2Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 held 48 teams that competed against each other to claim a pot of Rs. 10,000 which will be divided between the top 3 winners in the finals. This Tournament is organized by K2Gamer Pakistan and Gamer Pakistan Inc., it provides a prestigious tournament for participants who love playing Free Fire in Pakistan.

Tournament Structure Update:

The specific structure of the group stages will be that the total number of teams will be forty-eight distributed in four groups (A, B, C, D) with the teams in each group being twelve. This simply defines the competition format.

Here’s a breakdown of the Tournament structure:

Group Stages (June 3rd – June 7th): There shall be 12 teams in each group.

Qualifiers: The succeded teams of the group stage will be the Top 5 teams from each group who will proceed to the semi-final round.

Semi-Finals (June 8th – June 9th): The top four teams have been invited directly to the Semi-Finals from Pakistan while the other twenty teams shall qualify through the preliminary round. These 24 teams are likely to be partitioned into two 2 groups.

Finals (June 10th): The top 12 teams of semi-finalists have been decided and they will fight for the championship title. **

Live Stream:

Please do not miss the thrilling moments which can be watched online at the official site of K2Gamer Pakistan i.e. starting from June, 4th at 21:30 PKT.

This year’s K2Gamer Free Fire Championship looks set to be fiercely contested while showcasing great gameplay among the contestants. As always, a huge number of teams will converge to fight for the grand prize and the honor of being crowned champions of Free Fire. Watch the live stream and see the future superstars of Free Fire from Pakistan!