K2 Gamer Valorant National Championship: Bracket Reveal

The stage is set for an electrifying tournament as teams from all zones clash in the K2 Gamer Valorant National Championship! Here’s a glimpse at the tournament brackets, showcasing the path to the grand finale.

East Zone:
– Match 1: Thook vs. Quiet
– Match 2: Snakes vs. XLR8

West Zone:
– Match 1: Warlock vs. BFXR²
– Match 2:PrimeS vs. Akatsuki

North Zone:
– Match 1: Delicate Mafia vs. Cringe
– Match 2: Karak 5 vs. OverloAded

South Zone:
– Match 1:Mystic vs. VS Elites
– Match 2:Xcel Esports vs. Team Ruthless (Omega)

The winners from each match will advance to the next round, leading up to the semi-finals and ultimately, the grand final. Who will claim the championship title? Stay tuned to find out!

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