K2 Gamer Free Fire Championship 2024 – Semi Finals Qualified Teams!

The road to glory is heating up as we announce the teams that have qualified for the Semi Finals in both Group A and Group B! Congratulations to these top performers:

### *Group A:*
1. *ADI_Esports*
2. *Red Demons*
3. *Game Changers*
4. *X Burners*
5. *Not Humans*
6. *G2 Official*
7. *Old Virus*
8. *JavaScript X*
9. *Team Jerry*
10. *Hard Hitters*

🔸 *Invited Teams:*
– *Hotshot Esports*
– *Old Skool*

### *Group B:*
1. *Brutality*
2. *Xtreme Chasers*
3. *Power of Zone*
4. *Crazy Gang*
5. *R7 Official*
6. *The Rebels*
7. *Ruthless Hunters*
8. *X Legend*
9. *Predators*
10. *Punjabi Squad*

🔸 *Invited Teams:*
– *Xenon*
– *Zindabado Esports*

The battle intensifies as these elite teams move one step closer to the championship title. Who will emerge victorious? Stay tuned and follow the action as it unfolds!

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