tep into the battleground and witness the thrilling showdown of the PUBG Mobile K2Gamer Underdogs Clash 2024, Qualifiers Round Group D Results!

H4K Esports dominated the competition, claiming the top spot with an impressive 49 points, showcasing their sheer skill and determination in every skirmish. 💥 Following closely behind, K2 Esports secured second place with 36 points, displaying strategic prowess and precision gameplay. From the intense firefights of Quite Esports to

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PUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24: Group D Semi-Finalists from North Zone Revealed!

After an exhilarating Quarterfinal round in the North Zones, thePUBG Mobile K2 Gamer Pakistan Universities Showdown 2023-24proudly presents its Semi-Finalists. These eight formidable teams have exhibited exceptional skill and tenacity, securing their positions in the Semi-Finals. Organized by Gamer Pakistan Inc. and K2 Gamer Pakistan, this event continues to

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